Get those MOTHERF^%*$#RS upstairs!

Premiere: 12. May 2017

Co-production G2G: Laura Antoncic, Kaja Savodnik , Nancy Masaba, Susannah Elmecky, Vincent Dupuis, Penelope Guittard, Jule Viebrock, Fridtjof Siemssen.

Director: Milone Reigman 
Directors assistant:  Sinem Kavus
Producer: Sabine De Groot
Photo: Jean van Lingen

Producing partners: Likeminds, Das Letze Kleinod, Glei Theater, Theatre du Pelican 

Why are we fighting each other for acceptance, to be included, to belong? 
Why are we fighting each other for a piece of the cookie?
We should not fight each other; we should be fighting those MotherF%^*^rs upstairs!
Who? Your parents, your friends, your family, your government, your enemies, your country, your own demons, your religion your world!! 

The G2G production group is a fresh collective consisting of: Slovenian, German, Dutch, France actor’s performers thinkers and creators. We work together even dough, our lives are different, our languages differ, our jokes, our music, our politicians, our enemies, our friends. 

We are devising a theatre production where we explore the different aspect surrounding inclusivity. Thru music, movement, imagery, poetry, persiflage and honesty. We are creating a new world. We want you to join us to think with us, to join us in getting those MOTHERF*&%$RS all of them!


Point of view


Premiere: 13. May 2017
Director: Shanti Straub 
Performers: Gina Beuk, Bahar Yilmaz, Ziggy Knel

3 Young performers polish profoundly but with care our spectacles through which we look at life. Contours become clear lines, colors brighten up, our world expands: trees on the horizon appear to be quite close, we can see families living inside the grey apartment buildings. Things become so bright that we recognize ourselves in each other. By the time we reach the end of the show we will put the pieces together and celebrate that we are one.


Keep out

Théâtre du Pélican 

Premiere: 07. May 2017

Text: Henry Bornstein
Artistic directors: Jean-Claude Gal et Thierry Robert
Video: Anne-Sophie Emard et Pierre Levchin
Photo: Régis Nardoux
Performers: Zoé COUPAT, Pierre DRAIN, Pei DUPREY, Laura MALROUX, Margot NUGUES, Félix POUDENX, Naëlle VALLET et Alix WATEL

Teenagers' band on an urban IT ground. Their game: find a flaw … to crack a program.
In front of a large screen, scroll links to be pirated. Alternately, the teenagers will succeed in cracking each of them: from a military secret to the world of Disney, from a state secret to a war. Competition, conflict, shared euphoric comments and exciting drives, at the limit of a certain jubilation, reach the heart of the group. Exciting games of a virtual power facing a world on screen.


The Future

Glej Theatre

Premiere: 17. March 2017

Idea and concept, performers: Tina Malenšek, Almedin Kajtazović, Karin Oražem, Nina Žerdin

Mentor: Jure Novak 
Light design and technical support: Martin Lovšin, Grega Mohorčič
Photographer: Borut Bučinel
Executive producer: Inga Remeta
Production: Glej Theatre

If there’s someone who invests most of his or her time, will, work and energy into the future, it has to be the teenager. Children live in the present, the here and now, in games and growing up. Adults live from paycheck to paycheck, vacation to vacation. The elderly tend to escape into the past. The teenager invests all his work into the future. He goes to school for the future. He builds friendships for the future. He gathers experience – for the future? Whose? What will it be?


Stations & Stories

Likeminds and Das Letzte Kleinod

Premiere: 15. October 2016

Concept/direction: Juliane Lenssen & Daniëlle van Vree
Performance: youngsters of Likeminds Factory and Das Letzte Kleinod

In collaboration with our German partner Das Letzte Kleinod we produced a site-specific performance about ‘being on the road’. Our youngsters worked side-by-side with the German youngsters in gathering stories of travelers in Amsterdam trams and busses. These stories were transposed in a site-specific performance that played on a deserted tram station in Amsterdam.



Das Letzte Kleinod

Premiere: 10. September 2016

Artistic Director: Juliane Lenssen 
Production: Jens-Erwin Siemssen
Coaches: Zindi Hausmann, Julia Kawka
Technicians: Frank Dohrmann, Marjan Barjamovic
Performers: Omid Daoud, Leonie Mensel, Süster Paulsen, Fin Rasch Arne Rodi, Jule Viebrock
Photo: Julia Kawka

The young theater-makers of Das Letzte Kleinod (Schiffdorf, Germany) worked on the theme of mobility. As the theater is based in a former train-station and owns several train-wagons, the theatre and youngsters chose to focus on “Train” as a principle and theme of the theatre-performance about mobility. 

In this project, the young people collected stories from people who are travelling by train and from these texts and interviews they developed scenes and a presentation. The young people traveled in small groups by train through Northern Germany. They interviewed other travelers, looking for stories of people who are on the move. Where are they from, where are they going? What memories, experiences and expectations they have in their luggage? Which energy moves them? The teenagers met different people, different languages and very different stories. Also, the young theatre makers collected their own experiences about travelling by train. There were some moving stories and meetings that they had on different train-travels which were put into scenes. 

The interviews formed the basic material for the presentations with text, movement and singing. The interviews were put into dialogues or monologues by the youngsters who were supported by a professional director. The young actors presented the performance at the train-station in Geestenseth. The spectators traveled with them from scene to scene as in a station theatre. The theme of “mobility” was thus also an important part in the way of presenting the performance. The actors and public themselves were mobile. 

The international ensemble Das Letzte Kleinod develops performances based on oral history and realizes projects with young people of different ages, focusing on documentary theatre related to places, persons and stories. In the project “TRAIN” the youngsters were enabled to get to know this special method of theatre in their very own way and developed the performance by creating own texts, scenes and the realization of this. It allowed a very intense process which was realized in meetings from May until November 2016. The presentations during the G2G youth-theatre-festival were the summit of this process.


Where no woman has gone before

Glej Theatre

Premiere: 04. November 2017, Geestenseth; Das Letzte Kleinod

Idea and concept: Marko Bratuš, Laura Antončič, Manca Dečman, Edita Đogić, Kaja Savodnik, Nina Žerdin

Directed by: Marko Bratuš
Performers: Laura Antončič, Manca Dečman, Edita Đogić, Kaja Savodnik, Nina Žerdin
Technical support: Grega Mohorčič, Martin Lovšin
Photographer: Sunčan Stone
Executive producer: Inga Remeta
Production: Glej Theatre

The fall production of the Generation to generation project Where no woman has gone before is a devised theatre performance done by the five young participants that takes the spectator on a witty ride into imagination. The concept of the performance is based on the idea of “the potential performance” and uses the absence of the real theatrical means to its advantage.


The Road of Broken Dreams


Premiere: 24. June 2016

Concept/direction: Shanti Straub
Performance: Ziggy Knel, Gina Beuk, Brahim Moujalis, Bahar Yilmaz
Photo: Casper Koster

Within the context of the G2G-project and the EuropeByPeople-project eight youngsters went abroad to interview eight people about their broken hearts. The stories of flesh and blood were transposed into short documentaries and a site-specific theatre performance. 


Thitonus and the morning girl

Théâtre du Pélican

Text: Ronan Mancec
Artsitic directors: Jean-Claude Gal et Thierry Robert
With: Violette Chalier, Vincent Dupuis, Zoé Puyremond, Salama Rakotoarimalala, Valentin Roddier and Julien Sonntag

Thitonus is a shepherd. He is handsome, so handsome that the morning girl fall in love with him. The morning girl, it's the dawn. She is immortal. She always make the sun rise. She embrace Thitonus and bring him high in the sky. Thitonus make a wish: he wishes an eternal life. His wish is fulfilled. Their love last centuries and centuries, but Thitonus who forgot to ask to stay young, gets inexorably older by the side of an eternally young Dawn.



Das Letzte Kleinod

Premiere: 06. May 2016

Artistic Director: Jens-Erwin Siemssen
Theatre-Pedagogue: Juliane Lenssen
Coach: Zindi Hausmann
Technicians: Frank Dohrmann, Marjan Barjamovic

Performers: Abdu Samad, Wiebke Albohm, Leonie Mensel, Arved Siemssen

The theatre Das Lunge Kleinod tells the story revolving around young Sudanese men who were taking the dangerous path through the desert and over the ocean to come to Europe. They left their parents and families behind and dared to leave for the unknown. Smugglers brought them with trucks through the desert. On the Libyan coast, they went aboard on a crowded cutter. Stranded in Sicily they fought their way through to Germany. After waiting in a central receiving point, they were sent to a refugee camp located in a small village. 

“Everyone is coming alone. We couldn´t go with the whole family. The way was too hard. My father: “You must leave. Run away from here. These people they like to kill you. Please, you go away from me. Because I love you. Please, save your life.””

The story was told from one of these Sudanese refugees who experienced this escape himself and German youngsters who reenact and experience this story while acting it.


Something is missing

Glej Theatre

Premiere: 12. May 2016

Idea and concept: Valcl Ajda, Almedin Kajtazović, Anna Andolšek, Edita Đogić, Tina Malenšek, Lana Lah, Žan Gorenc, Karin Oražem, Grega Matjan

Directed by: Ajda Valcl
Performers: Almedin Kajtazović, Anna Andolšek, Edita Đogić, Tina Malenšek, Lana Lah, Žan Gorenc, Karin Oražem, Grega Matjan
Technical support: Grega Mohorčič, Martin Lovšin
Mentors: Ajda Valcl, Marko Bratuš, Simona Hamer
Executive producer: Barbra Poček
Photographer: Sunčan Stone

The performance Something is missing addresses the theme of absent parents. In our experience a parent can be absent physically, emotionally or both, always or merely sometimes. The performance about our absent parents is created as a series of short independent scenes. These miniature performances were created, developed for stage and carried out from the initial idea to the final result by the performers. In the process, we have researched our relations with our absent parents or parent and tried to express our feelings and thoughts that accompany this absence. We wanted to know how we could stage our family stories and make them interesting for the theatre. We came up with concepts, points, situations, monologues, dialogues, and asked ourselves how could we pass on our intimate experiences to the viewer so that he could understand it.


Yoan and Ulysses

Théâtre du Pélican

Premiere: 20. May 2016

Performers: Lina Aliani, Zoé Coupat, Antoine Flores, Cécile Gaudard, Djamil Mohamed, Margot Nugues-Schonfeld, Salama Rakotoarimalala, Valentin Roddier, Julien Sonntag et Alice Thouilleux
Mentors: Jean-Claude Gal and Thierry Robert
Photo: Régis Nardoux

Based on extracts of When the child of morning, rosy-fingered dawn appears by Sabine Tamisier and Homer's Odyssey

Yoan is a young boy, sensitive and lonely. He lives with his mother. He never knew his father. In college, boys of his age maltreat him. To escape this life, he imagines that he is Telemachus and his father is Ulysses, to mirror his real father lost in sea. Yoan makes us relive the antique characters surrounding the return of "his" Ulysses, as the incarnations of his future hopes.
On stage, a group of young people mixes the antique words of the Odyssey to those of daily. Echoing the Time which seems suspended and which always ask the same question: how to grow in the absence of the father? Part of the adolescent identity remains confined in this questioning.


This is it, like it or not!

Glej Theatre

Premiere: 7. December 2015 

Performers: Alex Centa, Almedin Kajtazović, Anna Blomstand Andolšek, Edita Đogić, Laura Malnar Antončič, Lucija Ostan Vejrup, Tina Malenšek
Directors: Sebastjan Starič, Marko Bratuš
Choreography: Sebastjan Starič
Dramaturgy: Marko Bratuš
Costume design: Zala Finžgar
Light design and technical supervisor: Martin Lovšin, Grega Mohorčič
Photographer: Miran Bratuš

2015: "You young ones just keep staring at the internet and you don't do anything!"
1995: "You young ones just keep staring at the television and you don't do anything! Get out and play with a ball!"
1975: "You young ones just keep blasting music and you don't do anything! Get out and stack some wood!"
1945: "You young ones just want to read books with the light on and you don't want to work! Go to bed!"
... and even before: "You young ones want to cook deer on the open fire! Go into the woods and pick some blueberries!"

Young generations of homo sapiens have always easier adapted to the social/tech shifts in society as their older counterparts who generaly have a resentful attitude towards the latter. This is it, like it or not! is a theatre performance that puts technology in everyday lives of young generation into humurous context.


Minds Un-Plugged 


Premiere: 15. April 2016

Concept/Spel: Gary Shepherd, Suze van Miltenburg,  Sheralynn Adriaansz, Yahmani Blackman, Susannah Elmecky, Sarah van Nes, Chaja van Kollem en Rosa van Kollem

A space filled with young eager makers, with unfinished ideas and undirected attempts that are urgent to the bone!

In collaboration with theatre maker and DJ Gary Shepherd (DJ Alec Smart) our youngsters presented a multicoloured interdisciplinary performance in which everything was slashed, in which everyone was dancing and everybody searched and found.



Das Letzte Kleinod

Premiere: 08. April 2016

Artistic Director: Jens-Erwin Siemssen
Theatre-Pedagogue: Juliane Lenssen
Coach: Zindi Hausmann
Technicians: Frank Dohrmann, Marjan Barjamovic

Performers: Najib Asswadi, Marie Engert, Paul Kemner, Leonie Mensel, Süster Paulsen

44 hours, five people on two square meters, cooled down to five degrees. Their escape is a torture, motivated by the desire for a better life. Das Letzte Kleinod tells the story revolving around two Afghan boys who were hiding in a refrigerated container to go from Greece to Italy.   

Leaving their home with nothing and arriving with nothing except last memories kept on their cell-phones.

This piece was acted by a young man from Afghanistan who experienced this flight himself and four German youngsters who reenact and experience this story while playing it. The public was invited to a narrow space where they found themselves in the middle of action so that borders between stage and auditorium disappeared.


Brussels - veni vidi vici!

Glej Theatre

Sunday, 01. November 2015 - The first production of Generation to Generation project will take place at Glej Theatre in November 2016. Participating teenagers under the supervision of Sebastjan Starič (mentor) and Marko Bratuš (artistic director of Glej Theatre) are preparing a new performance in which they will address the issues which bother their generation.

Brussels - veni vidi vici!


Monday, 01. February 2016 - Closer is a play about love and power. How far does trust reach? Who's to blame when a relationship falls apart? Likeminds Director Mustafa Duygulu translated Closer, the celebrated play written by Patrick Marber, to the Dutch context. He made it a story about quarter-life crises and expanding the boundaries of love, trust and power. Closer will be on tour in The Netherlands spring 2016.

Brussels - veni vidi vici!


Friday, 01. April 2016 - Nocturnal is a site-specific play about being neighbours in a heavily gentrified neighbourhood. Two couples live next to each other, but hardly ever speak. One day, they meet up, they talk and then all biased opinions, sentiments and drifts come loose. Nocturnal is a text written by the Spanish author Juan Mayorga. Likeminds translates the play to the Dutch context, more specifically to the context of the gentrified neighbourhood.


Glej Theatre (Slovenia)

Likeminds (The Netherlands)

Theatre du Pelican (France)

Das Letzte Kleinod (Germany)


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