G2G handbook

G2G team proudly presents our own project handbook! With hows and whys, whos and what fors!

Ljubljana Touring loop

Program for Ljubljana touring loop 11. - 13. May 2017

Thursday 11. May

17:00 - Glej/theatre - Glej / THE FUTURE
18:30 - Glej/outdoors - Likeminds / POINT OF VIEW
19:00 - Glej/theatre - Presentation of HANDBOOK

Friday 12. May

11:00 - Glej/theatre - Public presentation of the G2G project
17:00 - Glej/theatre - Théâtre du Pélican / KEEP OUT
18:30 - Glej/outdoors - Likeminds / POINT OF VIEW
20:00 - Glej/theatre - Co-production / GET THOSE MOTHERF^%*$#RS UPSTAIRS!

Saturday 13. May

17:00 - Glej/theatre - Théâtre du Pélican / KEEP OUT
18:30 - Glej/theatre - Glej / THE FUTURE
20:00 - Glej/theatre - Co-production / GET THOSE MOTHERF^%*$#RS UPSTAIRS! 


TRAIN - stations, stories and travels

German-Dutch youth theater project

Das Letzte Kleinod and LikeMinds, 2016

The young theater-makers of Das Letzte Kleinod (Schiffdorf, Germany) and LikeMinds (Amsterdam, Netherlands) are working together on a project titled “TRAIN - Stations, Stories and Travels”. In this project the young people collected stories from people who are travelling by train and from these texts and interviews they develop scenes and a presentation. The young people traveled in mixed German-Dutch groups by train through Northern Germany and by tram through Amsterdam. They interviewed other travelers, looking for stories of people who are on the move. Where are they from, where are they going? What memories, experiences and expectations they have in their luggage? Which energy moves them? The teenagers met different people, different languages and very different stories.

The interviews form the basic material for the presentations with text, movement and music. The interviews were put into dialogues or monologues by the youngsters who were supported by a professional German-Dutch directing team. The young actors will present the performance at the train-station in Geestenseth and the spectators will travel with them from scene to scene as in a station theatre.


Brussels - veni vidi vici!

Touring loop #2 // Clermont-Ferrand

This second Touring loop of the project Generation to Generation grouped Slovenian, German and French productions in Clermont-Ferrand from Wednesday 18th till Sunday May 22nd 2016.

Five days rich in meetings, workshops and a public discussion, co-organised in partnership with the Transfo as well as the three very different performances by young German, Slovenian and French performers, lots of theatre games, exchanges and discussions in the Cour des Trois Coquins made the second Touring loop a real festival of youth, theater and Europe.

The participants of the Generation to generation project were also invited to the City hall of Clermont-Ferrand.

Photos © Régis Nardoux


First Touring loop of Generation to Generation & IETM international meeting

On the 15th of April 2016 the Generation2Generation project kicked-off in Amsterdam. Youngsters from Slovenia, Germany and The Netherlands gathered to present their performances, to work with theatre sensei Benji Reid and to join IETM-debates on the hows and the why's of the 'next generation'. The audience was a gathering of representatives of the professional field of youth theatre in Amsterdam and The Netherlands. This grassroot-circuit works together on a national scale, but the G2G-kick-off gave them also the opportunity to get in touch with professionals from abroad.

The deputy major of Amsterdam, Miss Kajsa Ollongren, gave a short keynote speech on the importance of European collaboration. According to her, especially the fact that young people learn to collaborate with contemporaries from abroad, will eventually lead to a sustainable mode of international understanding. For this kick-off the aim was to let the young people meet each other and get to know the differences and similarities in language, working methods and visions on life and the world. In all kinds of ways they learned more then the G2G-team could have expected beforehand.
The kick-off programme was set up parallel to the plenary meeting of the IETM. Two debate-sessions on the 'next generation' were produced by the G2G-team. Some of the Likeminds' Factory attended the session as a speaker. More on this session is to be found on here.

Artistic Board Meeting @Schiffdorf, Germany

Monday, 25. January 2016 - Between January 21st-23rd our artistic board met at lovely and snowy at Schiffdorf, Germany where they discussed the relevant topics of the project. During this meeting arrangements were made for the first touring loop which will take place in Amsterdam in April 2016.


IETM International meeting // Budapest

From Wednesday 3 to Sunday, November 8, 2015
Meeting with the cultural Attaché of the French Institute of Budapest: Claire Garand: a warm meeting where each present persons could speak about its artistic approach.
Participation in the Meetings of the IETM around the theme of "Democracy"
G2G project was presentated by Barbara Poçek, from the Glej Theatre in the Newsround where we were looking for partners with similar artistic visions: DellAli teatro compagny from Vimercate, with Alessandra Anzaghi, Kerekasztal company from Budapest with Atilla Farkas and Béthune CDN Theatre from Nord-pas-de-Calais with Anaïs Arnaud.


Brussels - veni vidi vici!

Likeminds with two large productions in this season

Saturday, 03. October 2015 - Likeminds has two large productions running this season: Nachtdieren (Nocturnal) and Closer. Next to these productions, the youngsters will present smaller theatre pieces during the season.


Brussels - veni vidi vici!

The beginning of the project G2G in Clermont-Ferrand!

Saturday, 03. October 2015 - Currently we encounter every Youth attendants to present the project and implement sensitization workshops in underprivileged areas of the agglomeration of Clermont-Ferrand. Jean-Claude Gal, artistic director and Thierry Robert, mentor, then offer these young people to work on a contemporary theatrical text that addresses the problems of adolescence.


Brussels - veni vidi vici!

Brussels - veni vidi vici!

Saturday, 03. October 2015 - Glej Theatre as a coordinator of the Generation to Generation project has officially signed agreement at the Kick-off meeting in Brussels. We are officially alive and kicking!


Glej Theatre (Slovenia)

Likeminds (The Netherlands)

Theatre du Pelican (France)

Das Letzte Kleinod (Germany)


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