Glej theatre (Slovenia), coordinator

The oldest independent performing arts venue in Ljubljana, since its establishment as an experimental theatre in 1970, Glej Theatre has played an important role in the making of the Slovene theatre scene. It remains a place open to unorthodox approaches and theatrical research and focuses mainly on the upcoming generations of artists. Glej Theatre has profiled itself as an alternative theatre of different poetics and genres with a programme that attracts very different audiences.

Besides numerous co-productions with Slovene and international organisations, Glej Theatre strives to develop fresh and innovative programmes to support young emerging artists and build longstanding partnerships on an international level.                   

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Gledališče Glej
Gregorčičeva 3
1000 Ljubljana

Facebook: Gledališče Glej
TW: @GledalisceGlej
INST: glejtheatre                    

Likeminds (The Netherlands)

Likeminds is a network of diverse, young, urban artists that give a voice to contemporary city culture. In combining dramaturgy, performances and community enrichment we aim to be a mirror of The Great City. Diverse, dynamic, inspiring and unique, Likeminds comprises of two parts: a platform to develop young talent and a  professional theatrical ensemble. Likeminds has been in existence for more than ten years and in this period we have nurtured dozens of young talents into professional theatre makers, musicians and visual artists.

The Likeminds ensemble of artists create productions out of their own personal engagements. The City is their source of inspiration in structure and content. Their focus is topical: social interaction, violence, diversity, sex and drugs. Likeminds creators take these themes and create work that combines various art forms, genres, disciplines, and styles. This mix is essential.

For Likeminds creators the city is a source of narrative, they don’t only draw from  personal experience. They look for inspiration in The City by talking to it’s inhabitants and engaging them in their creative process. Using the stories they source to tell a rich and varied story of The City, Likeminds work is renowned for being both for The City and of The City.

For Likeminds the city is also a platform - the makers choose a public space or specific site to present their work.


Stichting Likeminds
de Wittenstraat 27-7
1052 AK Amsterdam
The Netherlands                    

Facebook: Stichting Likeminds
TW: @likemindsPR                    

Théâtre du Pélican (France) 

The company works on artistic projects with young people. The artistic approach is a continual search for acts of citizenship to encourage creative projects for and by young people. Thus the company searches for the universality of the voice of these adolescents and aims to facilitate the transmission and circulation of ideas between different communities both human and cultural. We reach out to young people via artistic workshops (drama, accompaniment to writing...) in a wide range of venues including artistic structures, community centres, schools... We meet with over 200 young people each year and invite volunteers to add to our creative force. The diversity of their origins and their enthusiastic commitment is the hallmark of all our artistic creations.           


Théâtre du Pélican
12 rue Agrippa d’Aubigné
63000 Clermont-Ferrand

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Das Letzte Kleinod (Germany)

Das Letzte Kleinod (The Last Treasure) develops performances about places and their stories. The documentary plays are written according to the reports of witnesses of time. The performances are                         realized at authentic places. The issues are put into their international context. Performances were realized in Tanzania, Greenland, Canada, Iceland, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands. An island, a cold storage house or a harbor were the sites of stage performances. Young people are integrated into the performances and are educated in the visual character of the productions which allows performances in different cultural contexts. The performances blur the lines between theatre, dance, object-/puppet theatre, fine arts, music and social culture.     

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Das Letzte Kleinod
Schienenweg 2
27619 Schiffdorf-Geestenseth
Telephone: (+)49-(0)4749-10 25 63
Fax: (+)49-(0)4749-10 25 65                    

Facebook: Das Letzte Kleinod
Youtube: Das Letzte Kleinod


Glej Theatre (Slovenia)

Likeminds (The Netherlands)

Theatre du Pelican (France)

Das Letzte Kleinod (Germany)


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